Missiontrip Poland April 2015

Missiontrip Poland April 2015.

Monday april 13th.

After a hectic time of preparations and all kind of last minute changes we finally were on our way on this monday morning april 13th. At 4:30 we met all people at the church, and exactly as planned we drove away at 05:00. The weather was good, so the trip went smooth, and we arrived in Poland well before planned time. So we had an opportunity to visit the town Bolesławiec, and use a late polish lunch.
In this town some famous Polish pottery is being produced.


After that we drove to our pension in Swierzawa.
There we also met our translator for the next days. In the evening also the pastor came by to meet the team.

Tuesday april 14th.

On tuesday morning we are expected to go to a local school in Swierzawa.
Swierzawa only has 2500 habitents in the main part of the town, and has about 6 other small cores which together form the town. Alltogether about 7000 people.

At the school the director tells us that they think it is very special that we chose to come to their school in such a small town. They are very happy with our visit and attention.

The plan was to only be in that school for 3 hours, but already after 1 hour the director came by to ask if we are able to stay longer. They love what we do!

So in the end we stayed at the school for 6 hours, to help in english conversation class practicing english with the kids.


Then it became clear that the students were not sick of us either, and we hurried to organise a meeting place for after school hours, so we can have a teenagers meeting. In the school we are not allowed to share the gospel, but outside the school we can 🙂


So after some time of games and fun, Candace also shared her testimony, we play some live music and do an alter call.
We can lead about 9 teenagers to Jesus!

That is an awesome start of our week!
Wednesday april 15th.

We have to rise an shine real early again. Today we will visit Kamienna Góra which is one hour drive to the south away from our location.

We are expected to be there at 8:30 in order to make it to the next school in time.
In this school we will meet some older teenagers. Again we have some nice conversations, we get a tour through the whole school in which we are introduced to everyone, and again we are asked to stay longer as planned. Still the time here is pretty short, and we only meet with one group of students which chose to join this class voluntarily.

In the afternoon we join a youth/teenagers meeting in the church. Some kids from the neighbourhood has been invited and of course the teenagers we have met in the school we visited in the morning.

We expected a small group, so we are really surprised to meet a group of 35 kids between the ages of 6 to 18….
Among them many poor kids and many are from gypsy families.
Luckily we knew some very small kids would join, so we prepared some things. But not for so much kids…


We split the group after playing some games, and devide into two groups based on age.


Both groups have their own program in which we can share the gospel. In the end also here about 9 kids accepted Jesus!

Thursday april 16th.

Actually we were supposed to have some time off this morning. However somehow people heard that it was fun what we did in the schools, so the director requested if we could come early. So at 9:45 we are expected in a school in Zluszyca, about 45 minutes driving away. Again another school with many teenagers which will join english lessons.
We are there from 10-13:00, and invite the kids for the meetings we will have the coming days.

Then back to Boguszow-Gorce to visit the shelter for addicted people. We arrive there at 15:00 as agreed.
On arrival we appear to go on a small road trip first, as they would like to show us something. We are lead to two old run-down churches that they have purchased. They are going to realise there some sort of shelters and food distributions for the poor.
The wish is to be more in the middle of community to reach out to them, as the current location is quite far outside the town centers.

After this trip there is dinner. Then everything is put aside and we have a church service. Björn is doing the preaching, which is followed by drama play and a testimony from Candace. Then we do the invitation to have prayer. About all patients and staff come to the front and we pray for them. Also one new patient has been lead to Jesus.

P4162148-1 P4162160-1

That morning Björn Challenged the students to step out in ministry, and so they did.


All of them received profetic words for the people we were praying for! God uses those who are making themselves available!

Friday april 17th

We are expected at the school of Boguszow-Gorce at 9 am. Here attend the classes again and talk a lot with the kids. We stay there till 13:30.
In spite of the question if more was expected from us (which was not the case they said) around 12:30 the message reached us that they would like to play sport again with us….
This school is really into sports. And this time we did not bring our sport outfits, so we had to do it just as we were dressed. We played a game of volleybal land basketball.

P4172211-1 P4172237-1

Around 13:30 we had to leave. (which was good as we got tired 🙂 )

Now we have a few hours left to do some tourist things. We leave for Karpacz, which is a well known winter sports village. We have a look at the old Norwegian church which was brought here (the Wang church) and after this we head for the Rodell track.

P4172269-2 P4172277-2

We do the track a couple of times, and after that it is already time to leave again, as we are expected tob e in the youth centre at 17:30 and we also have to find something to eat.
At 18:00 the teenager meeting starts. A nice group of teenagers showed up and we have fun, play games and have some time as well for more serious business. We also do some live music, and Candace tells a part of her testimony that seems to fit there.

P4172305-1 P4172344-1

During the alter call about 8-9 teenagers accept Jesus. Afterwards we are able to talk and pray with quite a few of them. Also with some of them there still is contact through social media!
Saturday april 18th.

We are getting tired by now! So we are very happy we can sleep in today, and we only have tob e in the youth centre at 14:00. Before we leave we have some quality time together in which we all share our testimonies. We decide then that we will share some of that on Sunday in church as well. Then we leave for the youth centre.

We were challenged for a snooker competition, so we prepared fort his in a snooker place in Amsterdam. However it appeared to be some snooker/pool table with the size of a billiart table, and some other completely different game. Luckily for us it was played as well with a stick and balls, so the practice was not completely in vain 😉

In the end we managed to win from all polish contestants, and Nathanael and Björn compete together in the final. With an incredible (lucky) shot the last ball ends with a noce loop in the air in the corner pocket and Nathanael wins the tournament.

During the competition also a lot of other games are played and based on the experience from the day before also some serious conversations are taking place with some teenagers. The things some kids have to go through makes you become quiet….

In the evening we take the pastor Jacek and his wife out to dinner in a restaurant as they took good care of us all week. And going out for dinner with 7 people without cutting costs for only 50 euro is very affordable for us in Poland 🙂

After dinner we decide to go to the church and practice a few more hours for the Sunday service until all of us feel comfortable.

Sunday april 19th.

In the morning we check-out and head for the last part of our journey. We are now going to the Sunday service in the church in Kamienna Gora. The service starts at 10AM. The worship they have is awesome! We do not understand one word, but Gods presence is there fors ure so we just enjoy.
Then it is time for Björn to do the preaching. After this the students do their human video and Nathanael and Melody share a part of their testimony.

P4192410-2 P4192416-2

After that Björn finishes it, and asks people to come forward for prayers if they want. Then we are allowed to pray for some people together again for various needs. God is good!

Already time for lunch and goodbyes then…
On our way home we listen to some studies and have a very nice time together talking about the word of God.
After a good journey in which Melody was able to crush her speed record on the German highway we arrive at the church around 23:45PM.
It is over! Let’s turn around and do it again!
That was the general impression, but… of course that was not possible. Normal live is there for us again.

Offering: (428 euro)
During the trip we hear about a summer camp that is being organised by the church. Kids will have a two week program in which they work through the gospel of John. In the second week there is more in-depth study with more accents and time with the Holy Spirit. This program has been done all over the world and has proven that it changes life for the people attending it. They really would like some poor kids to join so their lives might be changed too.
However, they do not have the money for that.
So they worked out some sponsor program for these kids so they can join. This seemed like a very good charity for a part of the offer we brought along, so we sponsor 2 kids!

We mentioned it would also be good to have this followed up by the youth Alpha course. In this way they continue to learn, and relationships will remain. So to make this happen we donated the rest of the money to pay for the Alpha course and to give the kids their own bible.

If you are interested to sponsor a kid personally or together with some other people, please contact Björn. (the program runs every year)
Sponsoring one kid costs about 130-150 euro.