Christmas event Poland 2015

Christmas event Poland 2015

This year for the first time the christmas event was sponsored by multiple churches. Besides some personal gifts, most of the money was offered by the pentacostal church ‘Sionspoort’ in Almere and the main part by Pentacostal church Agapé in Amsterdam.
The organisation was done by foundation Phileo which was recently founded to coördinate the work in Poland without being bound to one church.
Churches now support the work in Poland via this new foundation.

This time Björn and Melanie went to Poland together with Jan-Jacob, which is a member of the foundation. From the other churches nobody was available to join.

Thursday morning 5 AM we left to Poland with 3 persons. After a smooth trip we arrived in Poland in the end of the afternoon. As usual we were welcomed very warmly by the pastor and his wife which were already waiting for us with evening dinner.
In the evening we had a good time catching up and discussing all local developments and news,

On friday we were expected at 10 AM in the shelter for addicted people. Here we directly started with a service, in which Björn was the guest preacher.

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Afterwards we were able to pray for multiple people.
The gifts for the people here were being revealed at christmas, so that remained a surprise fort hem 🙂
(they receive a package including underwear, socks, shawls, hand gloves, warm clothing etc. )

After the service we stayed to have lunch wit hall people. After that we had some time left to back to the hotel to have a little rest, because at 16:30 we are expected at the kids event for the most poor kids in Boguszow-Gorce.

They received a bag with gifts, some school supplies fitting with their needs. All presents are selected for, and hand-over to them personally.

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We were requested to pronounce the polish names correctly 🙂 Lets say it almost worked out…
After the event we had a meeting with the pastor in Boguszow-Gorce about several things and concerns.

On Saturday morning we are supposed to arrive in Swierzawa at 10AM, which is about one hour driving to the north. In this town we are going to deliver food packages to the homes of people.
The list with people in need is made by the social workers of the town hall. Most of them are non-believers. (apart from their default Catholic religion)
We will visit 15 addresses today, and the rest will be delivered by the pastor in the days after today.

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Most people are surprised that we actually show up in spite of the announcement. Some accept the package in tears.
they are touched by the fact that we come all the way from the Netherlands to help them.
For them it is unheard off that a pastor comes to their house, to give them presents and also will pray for them!
Once a year the local priest comes by to visit the people of his community to pray fort hem, but they do not offer any help and also people have to pay for that visit by the priest. Even when they do not have money. Then they are supposed to borrow some money from the neighbours or others….

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We listen to several very sad stories en look at the conditions people live in. But the people are very pleased with the help we give them. This visit opens doors to the pastor to visit them again later, to see if they are also in need of another type of help.

After the trip that we made going to all these houses we are finished in the end of the afternoon. Then we visit the house of the pastor to have dinner there. He tells us we have no idea how much impact this event has in his town. Almost all people in town will no about it. After dinner we drive back one hour to our hotel.

The next morning (sunday) we come back tot his town for a celebration service in some hall they rented.
Also all receivers of the food packages have been invited, and there is a nice lunch waiting for all people joining the service. Also present with about 20 people is another supporting church from Germany.
It turns out tob e a special service with two people preaching (Björn and the pastor from Germany) which both share something shortly. Then we have lunch and some nice fellowship with all people.

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Then we also learn that a prayer from the day before we did in one of the houses has been fulfilled. We then heard from a single mother that her son is in jail. She already tried i fit would be possible to release him early, but she had just received a letter from court that they would not.

Earlier that week she already prayed with the pastor because an employer would not pay her the salary she was entitled to. Half an hour after that prayer he was standing at her door with apologies ánd the money he owed her 🙂
So she had faith to also pray for the release of her son. So we did that all together, however we had no clue what we were praying for, as all was spoken in Polish. We were just praying along in tongues when the pastor prayed in Polish.

So after the service we heard that during the end of the service her son called her to tell her that he was standing before her house and asking where she was. They suddenly released him that morning without explanation….
So she went home quickly with her two daughters. Also this story was spread rapidly in town….

That night we were attending a service in the church in Boguszow-Gorce (church of 9 members) and Björn was preaching again. He spoke about what type of christian you are, and certainty of faith.
At the end of this service a lady came forward at the alter call which wanted to accept Jesus!
What a great ending of our visit in Poland!

Thank you:

On behalf of the receivers, pastors and all other people involved in Poland we want to thank all sponsors!
Your gift has been priceless for this event.

Also all people involved would like to let you know that your gift was worth so much more then the value of your currency. Many people hear about this event, and because of that they are more friendly to us as foreigners and the pastors of the local supporting churches.

Because of your gift you made the activities and handing out of christmas gifts possible. Because of these activities people are getting more involved in the local church and break out of isolation like that. Also it happens frequently that people convert then, move away from drugs and/or alcohol and get back a normal social life.

The people from Poland therefor want to bless all donators!

Also on behalf of the Phileo foundation we want to say a big THANK YOU! Without your support we cannot help them either.