Missiontrip Poland April 2016

Missiontrip MCAN Poland April 2016

This year we had a team with 8 persons and 6 nationalities. 5 students, our pastor Enzo and 2 supervisors.

The trip started a bit with a struggle because a car broke down on our way to Poland, but in the end we arrived safely at our destination.
Just like other years we were welcomed very warmly. We really felt welcome!

The program this week had several activities;

  • Visiting schools to take care of English conversation class
  • Organising youth meetings
  • Visiting a shelter for addicted people and organising a service
  • Assist in the street church activities and serving out food to homeless people
  • Visit and coöperate in a service in the church Boza Gora in Boguszów-Gorce.

All-in-all quite a full program in which we managed to squeeze in about 2 hours of free time to insert a recreational aspect to the trip 🙂
The schools

This year we visited schools in 4 towns. We visited schools in Swierzawa, Kamienna Gora, Gluszyca and Boguszów-Gorce.

In all these schools we did classes of ‘conversation English’.

We did this using games by which every student had a chance to speak and get used a bit already. Then if we had time we divided into small groups so every group could talk with one of our team in English. In this way the ability to communicate in English was practiced, and it became clear that this ability to talk in English is very useful while talking to foreigners 🙂

001 004 003 002
Because we had 6 nationalities in our group this year, we asked the students to guess who of us comes from what country. They could guess by asking the right questions, or by listening to our various accents. Apparently that was not very easy, because listening to the answers we are all coming from many different countries 🙂

All students were invited tot o our youth meetings as well which we organised at the end of the afternoon.

All in all we had a good time in the schools, and our effort was highly appreciated. At one school we even made the news through the local news website 🙂
And next time we are allowed to come again!
Youth meetings.

The youth meetings were visited relatively well. Every meeting about 15-25 kids and teenagers.

That is quite good given the fact that most kids came based on an invite made by us that day in the class rooms 🙂
During the meetings we played some games, listened to or made some music and had a good time. Also a bit more was shared about the background of our students, and what they believe in. After that often prayer and personal conversations followed.

That is how we made contact to many teenagers we did not know yet, and also caught up with some we already knew.
During the meetings also teenagers started to believe in Christ, and accepted Him as their saviour.

In total we had 4 youth meetings.

005 006 008
Rehab center (JCHS)

As usual we also visited the rehab center for addicted people. We are welcomed very warmly and join for dinner. We have some good conversations, and after dinner the service is held.
Björn preached about failures and feeling like a failure and what does the Bible say about that.

After this preaching we have a time of prayer in which we could set several people free of this curse and also some others. We had time to build up and motivate some people and also explain some biblical principles to them.

Again, a very good time!

Street church and food for the homeless.

On Saturday we help in the street evangelism from a foundation and a church in Kamienna Gora. Here once or twice a month the gospel is spread in the street and a warm meal is being given to homeless and poor people. We were allowed to help that day.

So we preached the gospel on the main square, sang songs and talked tos ome people where we could given the language barrier. Also we were allowed to pray with someone at the end for healing.

The weather was bad. It was pretty cold and it rained almost the whole time. But in spite of that we were happy, and they were happy that we joined.

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Church Boza Gora in Boguszów-Gorce

On Sunday the week was already gone. Our last activity was to join and participate in the church service. It is a very small church congregation, so with us joining their visitor number suddenly doubled 🙂
During the service Björn was allowed to preach, and the students were able to share their testimony.  At the end we were able to pray with some people.

014 015 016 017

Also we were very happy to see some of the teenagers we have met decided to come to church this day. Their intention is to keep doing so. Lets pray this will indeed happen!

So concluding we had a very successfull trip to which we look back with a lot of joy and satisfaction!