Summer Outreach 2016

Summer outreach 2016

This year we went to Poland for a summer outreach event again. This time it was the first time we did this for multiple churches by organisation of foundation Phileo. The meaning was (and always has been) to go with families, in order to perform evangelisation activities as a home family. In the end we left with 7 families including kids and 3 single persons to Poland. All together 29 persons from 3 different churches. All-in-all a little exited – because not everyone knew each other – we lef tand arrived in Poland to be there for 8 days.

This week we organised an outreach twice in two separate villages. The first town in which we started was Boguszów-Gorce. On Sunday we kicked off joining a service with the local church. (the foundation always coöperates with the local churches) After lunch we immediately started to setup all the activities. We had a small public park available in which we could offer all kinds of fun activities.
Think about things as; jumping house, sports, crafting for kids, painting kids faces, old-dutch games, dance, testimonies, baking ‘poffertjes’, we offered coffee/tea/water and have a prayer tent.

Around all these activities we tell the gospel to the people and invite the mto a special evening service.
During the special evening services we offer a three days theme about God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Apart from our team from the Netherlands there were about 60 Polish people which helped us during the week, and of course a few translators.

IMG_2477 IMG_2478 IMG_2480

Just like in previous years we noticed that the first day it was a bit quiet, and it got more crowded the 2nd and 3rd day. We talked to quite a few people and lots of kids. We shared testimonies using the sound system, and shared the gospel to kids using street theatre and also did some mini preachings.

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During the evening services (and day-time too) we got to lead several people to Jesus. Not big numbers, but we knew that in advance. In Poland this happens gradually, as a personal choice for Jesus (outside the Catholic Church) can have big consequences sometimes. Besides that the small local church would never be able to handle a large number of converted people. So God knows what He does, and He is in control!

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We also could pray for the sick. We saw several people getting healed after prayer with laying hands on them, and also people were set free in Jesus name. God is good! Later we also heard testimonies from people that were healed, and came back to tell about it.

After working like that for three days, it was time for a one-day break  🙂 We took the whole group and went to a small town called Karpacz known for it winter sports activities. We visited a small wooden church from Norway, which was taken down transported and rebuild there again in the past. (the Wang church), we had a small walk, visited some shops and enjoyed the great views. After that it was time for the Rodeltrack! (kind of bob sledge track) The kids really enjoyed, and also adults behaved like kids again fors ome time 🙂 After a lót of rides it was time again to head back to our hotel/guesthouse.

As dutch group we stayed in a single house that was completely ours for the week. There was exactly enough place for us in that house, and every family had one room including bathroom and personal toilet. All translators that were staying over had a room in the hotel next to us to which the guesthouse belonged.

On Thursday the whole spectacle started again, but this time in Kamienna Gora. This town is a little bigger than Boguszów-Gorce and is located 11 kilometers to the west. Just like before we offered all kind of activities again on the central square in the centre of the town.
We meet a lot of adults and kids here again, share testimonies, share the gospel and listened to people. Also we took part of our lunches to share with the homeless people on the street. We got to lead several to Jesus again, and could pray for people right there on the street. Also in the evening services we preached again, and prayed for the sick afterwards.

The third day (Saturday) the rhythm was a little different because that day we were helping in the monthly organised ‘Street church’. This is an activity from the local church in coöperation with a foundation that was founded for this purpose. This activity is something they already do for some time, and is not something they organised especially for us. This church is doing well by itself too! During this monthly event homeless people are offered food on the street. Some sort of meal soup, sausage from the grill, bread, coffee/tea etc. Apart from that there is live singing, preaching, testimonies etc.

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We worked with them for the first two hours as agreed and did our activities complementary to theirs. Then we switched, but in the end we just worked together all afternoon 🙂

There was some excitement right after we started when the power source for the whole event area stopped working. Gladly we could connect to the house of a church member who happened to live right next to this area with a long extension cord so we could continue whole afternoon!

We also had good weather all week, and we just had one rain shower. This in spite of the predictions that it would rain quite regularly in our area. The local internet newspaper even wrote an article with picture, which gave us some free publicity. The responses people could leave where mostly positive, and the negative responses where countered with good arguments stating that we were just preaching Jesus there, and offered all we did for free. That was something the Catholic Church should learn from us again they claimed 🙂 Please remember these people writing on our behalf are unknown to us…

After these two outreaches everyone was a bit tired, but very pleased with what they did. The atmosphere was good all week, people overcame personal barriers and were surprised positively with what they experienced. At an accident playing soccer one of the kids broke their wrist on 4 places and had to have surgery immediately. The group had become quite close in the mean time, and they started to pray together directly. What do you think? All went very well in the hospita land during surgery, and they could leave hospital already next morning in spite of the notice that they had to stay for 2-3 days at least! God is good!

So we also had a good time building relations or get more in-depth relationships. Sunday after service all went home again. We hope we will have such a great team again next year!

By the way; al lot more pictures were made beside these view we showed. You can find them on the website of foundation Phileo , and on Facebook

Would you also like to join a mission trip to Poland?

Just let us know, and we will inform you about the possibilities. (For contact details please see ‘Contact’ in the menu.) Condition is that you are a reborn christian and have enough knowledge of the english language to share the gospel. When we do not know you personally, we may request a reference from your pastor or church leadership. The trip itself is not free by the way. More info about the date of the next trips and the prices will be announced later.