Christmas gifts event 2016 Poland

Christmas event 2016

Also this year we went to Poland to give poor polish people and kids a christmas gift. This time things were a little different as before since another church copied our work in one village. So the kids gifts for this village are now handled by them. (we only supply 10 pieces now) So now we could also give gifts to kids of another village that is close to this town 😉 The event that was organised was musically supported by a populair polish christian rapper ARCI.

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Because this year we could hand out more gifts, 164 kids received a christmas present. At first people of the polish organisers figured it would be hard to find so many poor kids because in the previous town we only gave away like 50 gifts. But after the results came back on the request to the local government it appeared that more then 250 kids qualified to the governmental qualification ‘very poor’….. So we even did not have enough gifts even though we doubled the a,out for this year. 🙁
After a lot of doubts in decision making the polish organisers decided that the most young kids would not get anything. They realise least they figured. So in the end that brought the list back to the 160 kids.

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The party that was organised for this event was a great succes. De message from the rapper was clear and was well understood. Kids and parents liked it. Some adults even mentioned that this was the first real concert they attended in their lives …. For us there also was a moment in which we could share the gospel message to everyone in the room. (about 250-300 people)

On Saturday we could go to Swierzawa again and hand out the food packages to the people in their homes. Because also here were more packages that we could spread we also met more new people in their homes. Because we were only with a small group this year and the people were quite emotional we were not able to make a lot of pictures unfortunately.


Multiple (older) people addressed that this was the first time in their lives that they received a gift from anyone without terms attached. They experienced that as very special. Even ore as we came all the way from the Netherlands, and we delivered it personally. Also the handmade christmas cards with message in polish language were very much appreciated.

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Even though we saw tears of joy we also encountered grieve. We met this old gentlemen (close to 90) which we had visited for several years now to deliver a food package. He appeared to have 3 types of cancer now and was sent home from hospital to die. We were still in time to meet him once more. So we anointed him with oil and prayed with and for him. All in all impact was big in the town in which everybody knew we were there and what we came to do.

In the beginning of 2017 also a kids event will be organised in this town with a part of the money we donated.

On Sunday we attended two church services. In both Björn was allowed to preach. The message was received well, and after that we were able to pray for the sick in both services.

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A new thing was that in the smallest church of all the preaching was also broadcasted by live stream to the internet. This was done in order to make it possible for people to hear the message that would otherwise get into trouble by coming to the Pentecostal church instead of the catholic church.

Next year we will go again. In case you already want to contribute to that you can wire your gift tagged with text ‘Christmas event 2017’. If you also would like to travel to Poland to join this event then please sent a mail to bjorn @ phileo . nu
The trip will be from Thursday 14 up an including Monday 18th of december based on own expenses.