Christmas gifts event Poland 2017

Christmas gifts event Poland 2017

This year things were a bit exciting. Would we get enough funds to pay for the events? After some issues in sponsoring churches the foundation suddenly lost some of the sponsor funds which are needed to pay for the events. And exactly this year we had great plans for the events. We would, besides the since last year doubled amount of packages, also do something extra for the homeless and very poor people in Kamienna Gora. Also we like to do something for the family home that we have come into contact with this last year.
After some additional call-outs God proved to be faithful again, and together with some funds we had put aside for the christmas event earlier this year it was exactly enough! God is good!

This time we left for Poland with 5 people. The journey was smooth and so we arrived in Kamienna Gora, Poland without any problems. After arrival we checked in at our hotel and then went out for dinner. After dinner we had some time to catch up and meet the pastor and his wife. This was about all the free time we would have this weekend, as the program ahead of us was very busy!

Friday was reserved completely to hand out packages in Swierzawa and surrounding area. This time we visited other families as we saw the previous years (which still got their package, but handed out by the pastor at a later moment). By doing so we get a better picture of all different people that receive a package. Not all of them look so poor, but they all are in serious circumstances by which they really can use our package. Some are in difficult circumstances, which make that they are very grateful for the attention we have for their lives. We are allowed to pray for all of them. The pastor stresses again that the reaching out to these people means a lot to them, and that the love and attention we show is very welcome to them.
All-in-all 57 people/families received a food package, a christmas dinner was organised for 45 people and all kids there received a kids package.

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Saturday was a busy day. In the morning we visited a family home for foster children. We brought them some presents. They received a collection of board games so they can have some fun family evenings. Also they received some bibles, childrens- and teenagers books with biblical stories. the fact that this was allowed was already a miracle in itself as it concerns a public state funded house. Still also this gift was accepted with great interest! After the time with the presents we had great fun throwing snow balls at each other outside with the kids before we left. It was a great time!

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In the afternoon we were present at a christmas dinner for homeless and very poor people in Kamienna Gora. About 80-100 people were present. The team had prepared a delicious meal for them and was serving all these people. Awesome! At the end all invited people received a package with some products like gloves, coffee, tea, chocolate, a new testament etc.

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After this event we had to move to Boguszów-Gorce. A short christmas event had been organised at which invited people could collect a food package. At the event some christmas songs were sung, a short message was brought and there was coffee, tea, cookies etc and people could talk while enjoying all of that. Meanwhile the invited people could collect their package.

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Sunday morning it was time for church in Boguszów-Gorce. Björn was invited to preach. After lunch we visited a couple at their home which had some questions after listening to the message in church.

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After that we had to rush as we are expected to be present at the kids event in Kamienna Gora. About 100 kids and their parents had been invited. While the kids were enjoying all kinds of fun games the parents were invited to enjoy all kind of treats in some other rooms of the church, and by doing so they could wait for their kids in a pleasant way.
When the event was almost over there was a surprise…. They had organised a santa clous suit for Björn and he was supposed to wear that while handing out the christmas presents. Fortunately all went well, and Björn managed to come up with some way in which he could tell about the foundation and the love of Jesus to the kids while wearing the costume. In this way the gospel was still told to them and santa clous was just bringing the presents to the kids in church on behalve of the foundation. It was a fun time like this 🙂

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All-in-all it was a very busy schedule for 3 days in Poland! We were glad to have seen and attend so much though. As all things were organised via churches, they can take care of the aftercare and help people more if they need help. In Boguszów-Gorce a kids event is organised at a later moment which is also paid by Phileo together with another foundation.

On behalve of all the volunteers and pastors of the churches in Poland we would like to thank everyone that has contributed this year. Without your gifts it would not have been possible!

God bless,
Foundation Phileo