This privacy policy is applicable for all personal data of sponsors or contestants of projects and trips and which are processed by the Phileo foundation.
When personal data are given to the Phileo foundation, explicit permission is granted to process this data in conjunction with this Privacy policy.
We do advise you to read this Privacy policy and keep a copy for your personal administration.

1. Responsibility

The responsibility for processing the personal data is laying with:
Foundation Phileo, Hendrik Werkmanstraat 144, 1328 DR Almere, +31616440248, KvK number: 64705021.
The person responsible is to be reached at info@phileo.nu.

2. Which data is processed by the Phileo foundation and for what purpose

2.1 Regarding the activities from, and information provisioning about the Phileo foundation the following personal data are processed:
a) name and/or contact person
b) address and/or postal address
c) phone number, e-mail address of sponsor/contestant and (if applicable) contact person.
d) photo-,video- and other imagery.

2.2 Foundation Phileo processes the personal data mentioned in sub 2.1 for the following purposes:
a) The name, name of contact person, will be used for contact purposes regarding participation in activities and/or events.
b) The name, and/ or name of contact person, address data and e-mail address are being used for sending newsletters and other information about activities of the Phileo foundation;
c) Phone number and e-mail address of sponsor /contestant, are used for communication of activities and updates about projects and sending newsletters;
d) For promotional activities photo-, video- and other imagery can be used. These activities are always directly related to the goals of the Phileo foundation and this data will not be given/sold to third parties. Each participant is granting explicit permission to the Phileo foundation by means of the registration form, to use this imagery for promotional activities.

2.3 If a contestant/sponsor does not grant permission to the Phileo foundation to use or process the mentioned personal data in 2.1 as described in 2.2, the consequence is that the sponsor/contestant cannot receive any information about the Phileo foundation or activities. The Phileo foundation needs this minimal data to keep the sponsor/contestant updated about the activities of the foundation.

3. Storage period

The Phileo foundation processes and stores the personal data exclusively in her admnistration during at least the aplicable period described in dutch law. To keep archives complete data might be present in archived administration data. (like bank records).

4. Security measurements and editors

4.1 To protect the personal data the Phileo foundation has taken appropiate technical and organisational measurements.

5. Right of inspection, deletion and questions/complaints

5.1 A request can be done via the administration of the Phileo foundation to view, receive, modify or delete your own personal data. The Phileo foundation will take care of the request and inform the requestor within one month about that..
5.2 In case you want to object about (further) processing of your personal data as described in article 2, you can also contact the board.
5.3 In case you have complaints about the way the Phileo foundation processes the personal data or responds to your requests you can contact the responsible person of foundation Phileo.
5.4 Any other question or remark about this Privacy policy can be directed to our administration using info@phileo.nu

6. Modifications

This privacy policy kan be modified. The modified policy will be published on the website of foundation Phileo. We do advise you to regularly view our privacy policy.