Help Us

As a foundation we are of course completely depending on people that like to help us. Not only financially, but also in other way’s. Underneath we have described a number of possibilities in which you can help us. Would you like to help us in a way that has not been mentioned here? Let us know, and contact us please!


You can help us in a fantastic way by donating money to the foundation. With this money we can finance the projects in Poland.

We try to make the foundation itself run with as little costs as possible, which we often also pay ourselves. Because of that almost 100% is being spent on the projects that is was donated for.

You can help us with any gift. It can be just once, but also periodically. You can donate without choosing a specific project, or mention the specific project that you want to donate for in the bank description description of your gift.

The foundation has been registered as a ANBI with the dutch Tax administration department. This means all money donations are deductible for the dutch income tax declarations.

Besides donating money, it sometimes also is possible to donate goods.If you would like to do so, please contact us first.

Usually we can find a good destination for the donated goods because in Poland they often can use almost anything. However, sometimes the transportation costs are just too high for us to pay, or supersede the value of the donated goods which makes it cheaper to just buy them in Poland.

So together with you we will decide this per case.


The foundation does not have any staff or any salary based positions, and thus fully consists of volunteers. These volunteers are people which help with the organisational things, and thus help all year long. Also we have people that join once or more times on a trip to Poland. These are only volunteers for that specific period of time.

Also on the polish side there are volunteers from various churches that help us. We should not forget about them. Think about all translators, pastors from churches that arrange all kind of things and all people that help us during outreaches.

Do you also want to help? Please let us know, and have a look in the project descriptions or newsletters what the need is that we have.

We are also thinking about creating a list of people that can want to help us incidentally with specific skills or knowledge. Think about constructors, lawyers, doctors, (debt)assistants, fund-raisers, etc.

Do you want to help us (occasionally)? Please let us know!

(this announcement is not ment for acquisitors to sell us stuff)


For our work prayer is needed! Not only for every trip we make, but also for each individual project all year long.

Therefor we would like to ask you to pray with us!

We are planning to share the specific prayer request in our newsletter.

Adopt a mission project

Many churches have a fixed mission project which they support all year round, and spent all their mission budget on. That is fantastic!

However there also are a lot of other (small) churches that do not have such a goal yet that fits them, or which just support multiple projects.

For all those churches there is he option to choose the work of foundation Phileo as missionary project.

At the moment we have only a small number of projects in Poland because of the limited resources we have. If there would be more resources, would could expand the number of projects or do more in the current projects.

A missionary project in Poland as a fixed choice for your church has some positive sides;

  • Poland is relatively close. So you can easily go there with a group from your church/organisation.
  • the people in Poland are super nice and show great hospitality. Once you have been there, most people love to go back for more.
  • U can see there with your own eyes what happens with your money, or what your help works out.
  • Your help is needed badly
  • You can build a relation with the project and the people there.

For the future we have several ideas for new projects. At the moment we just do not have enough resources to execute them. Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us for more information and/or to discuss the possibilities.