The church in Swierzawa which we also know now for about 5 years, is a pretty recent planted church. Only very recently (early 2016) they are officially registered as a church in Poland, and therefor now ‘exist’ formally.

In this town we also organise outreaches when possible, and we also come here with the students in the spring trip to the local school.

Further we come here for the christmas presents event, which here is a grocery/food package. Meanwhile this is known in all off the nearby region of the town.

About half of the visitors of this little church has found faith because of the work of the pastor in combination with such a christmas gift.

This act of love and involvement makes them decide to visit this church and try it, after which they in the end find Jesus and stay.

There are plans to buy their own little building here so they can organise more activities during weektime. Currently they rent a place where available.

The church here is also being supported by a small church from Görlitz, Germany which visits the church monthly to celebrate the sunday service together.

Underneath you will find a short introduction from the pastor of the church in Swierzawa.


My name is Janek, I have a wife named Basia. We have three daughters: Sylwia, Patrycja and Dominika. I live in Dobków near a town called Swierzawa in which I am responsible for the development of the Christian Church. In daily life i renovate old furniture for a living.

My goal is to reach the people of the town Swierzawa with the Gospel of Christ and to show them an alternative for those who are lost in addiction as I was one of them 25 years ago till God led me out of addiction.

I am trying to build the church and reach the lost by organizing outreaches, concerts and weekly services.
It is my desire for the near future to organize weekly meetings with a hot meal for the poor and the needy in the cold winter season.

The major problem that we have as a church is the lack of our own place to meet.

For over 5 years I have experienced help from the church from the Netherlands. Because of their help we could organize Christmas surprises by giving food packages to the needy in the Christmas season. Once a year we organize concerts for children which were very popular in our community. Also for some time I have received financial help which definitely helped me get involved more in the ministry by giving it more time.

I am also extremely grateful to the church from the Netherlands for the mission teams visiting us and serving the people in our town and school and for your prayers that we need so much.
Me and the church in Swierzawa are thankful for all your help that we have experienced.

I send God’s blessings to all your church.


Janek & Barbara